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Who we are

Sentimental Energy Company LTD(SENTEC LTD)

Sentimental Energy Company Limited is a duly registered company in Kenya since 2012 and was incorporated in the year 2016. It was formed out of a desire to provide low cost energy solutions to the region’s domestic, commercial and industrialization sector with emphasis on solar energy and low load consuming Lighting solutions. We design, develop, install and maintain solar power, solar water heating and power backup systems and LED lighting solutions.
We are also involved massively in sales and distribution of solar panels, charge controllers, inverters, batteries and LED lights. The company has over 6 years of experience in the renewable energy industry centered on actual hands-on experiences in design, sizing, installation and commissioning, energy audit and management.
SENTEC is owned by a team of professionals with competent skills and experience in their respective fields of, energy systems design, installation and management, financial project management and sales. Our mission is to become the leader in the alternative energy movement that takes place in the region with emphasis on the affordable sustainable and reliable solar power, water heating and LED lighting solutions.


Our efficient solutions


Lighting Solutions

These are independent compact lights that consists of solar panel, lithium ion battery, charge controller, and an LED light. some of the systems have motion sensors and run for 50,000 light hours in a single lifetime.


Solar Power

We use nature’s free light energy from the sun to provide electricity to all forms of requirements. Our solar power systems are sourced from highly accredited European supply markets of Germany and Denmark.


Water Heating

We provide both flat plate and evacuated tube solar water heating systems to meet both individual and commercial hot water requirements. We guarantee support by local highly trained technical workforce for installation and maintenance services.


Water Pumping

We provide solar water pumping solutions for both domestic ground water supply as well as irrigation systems.

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