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Education Sector


Education offers the opportunity to break the poverty cycle, however, most schools in Kenya don’t have access to reliable energy.
Power supply has a both an indirect and direct impact on the education sector therefore a reliable source of power is key to ensure good quality of education.
The use of solar power has been proven to help bridge this gap.
Through the use of solar schools can meet 75 percent of their electricity need and reduce their carbon footprint.
The use of solar also helps schools free up much-needed money within their budgets which can in turn be channeled to cover other important costs.
SENTEC solar has undertaken both heating and lighting projects that have had a major impact.
At Kabarak University, 9600 liters SWH Heating project was installed to supply hot water to their student hostels.
Previously the institution used firewood heated boilers to heat their water which was both expensive, unsafe and environmentally unfriendly.
Since the installation of the systems the institution has been able to save on costs, given students reliable access to hot water through installed showers and saved the environment through reduced use of firewood.

Kabarak University

Bukura Agricultural college