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SOLAR Photovoltaic SYSTEMS

Residential Solutions

Off-Grid/On-Grid Solar System

Our Off grid solar systems are ideal for residential rural houses not connected to the grid. We design a battery storage inclusive system can meet up to 100% of your electricity consumption,

Whereas Our On grid (grid tie) solar systems utilize solar energy during day and Kenya Power at night. This option still enables you to offset a big part of your electricity bills .

Power Backup Systems

Our Hybrid solar systems are connected to the grid but utilize solar energy during day and have backup batteries to store excess power that will continue to power up your home even at night. This can cover up to 70% of your electricity consumption.

Water Pumping Solutions

We provide solarization for water pumping systems for both domestic ground water supply as well as irrigation systems.

Commercial Solutions

The increasingly high electricity bills are pushing various businesses and manufacturers to the wall. This affects their cost of production and ultimately their sales potential and market competitiveness.
Maximize your business' profitability by reducing your energy cost with our reliable solar power solutions.